Biophoton Realignment Therapy with Mirrors

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From time to time, a new discovery in therapy changes “everything” – the range and efficiency of treatment, and even our understanding of how healing processes occur naturally.

The Biophoton Realignment Therapy seems to be such a “game changer”.

Recently presented in Oslo to an exquisite group of researchers from seven countries and three continents, it has now been endorsed by leading specialists in environmental medicine. – Using the frequencies of light for therapy has so far been mostly the domain of highly sophisticated machines and even quantum devices. Surely, those will still have a lot to contribute (see for example the Oslo Light Clinic, and ILA). But now a simple and elegant system of ultra-fine metal-coated mirrors has given light therapy literally into the hands of holistic healthcare practitioners, doctors and healers.

Indeed, the human body, all creatures and plants emits light, often referred to as biophotons. These ultradelicate photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye are not visible to us, but these particles of light (or waves) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation like what was developed at Dr. F. A. Popp´s Institute in Neuss, Germany.

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