No, Oh No! theory

No, oh no! – Healing in the 10th Paradigm


Every generation of medical scientists discovers it’s own view of the human body, in which causes and effects of diseases are newly understood. Against the background of these paradigms it is determined which aspect of biochemistry we observe and what methods we apply for healing. Infections, mal-nutrition, genetic damage and hormonal dysfunctions – being chronology-wise the first five paradigms in the development of medicine – are fully explored and have their fixed place in the repertoire of medical understanding. However there still is a list of syndromes which stand without reason and possible therapy, and though they drive the search for new paradigms.


The newest paradigm definitely has to do with the balance of oxidants and antioxidants in the human body. According to Dr. Martin Pall this is the 10th paradigm. The Researcher at the Washington State University in Pullmann assigns No. 5 to 9 to the discoveries leading to an understanding of degenerative diseases and auto-immune reactions. Pullmann calls the newest paradigm the NO/ONOO-cycle-diseases, speak: no, oh no!


Nitrogen Monoxide (NO) plays an important role in the biochemistry of humans. In a normal metabolism it is created mainly in the brain. However a share of it reacts to ONOO, which is a strong oxidant that is supposed to be neutralised by antioxidants before causing damage to the human body. According to findings of Dr. Pall once this system is overstrained or dis-balanced by a shock an recursive process is triggered in which a surplus of ONOO triggers the further production of NO, which again increases ONOO… a vicious circle with no way out. This is how many of the chronic syndroms are brought into life. The actual damage is done by the oxidative stress caused by the ONOOmolecule that randomly attacks and destroys cells unless it is neutralised by available antioxidants. This is the theory. The therapeutic practice suggested by Dr. Pall aims to disrupt the vicious circle and shows some therapeutic success with diseases like Fibromyalgy (FM), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Post Traumatic Stress Dysorder (PTSD), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) and 14 other diseases. Many of these diseases are triggered by circumstances affecting the brain, the place where the NO initially is produced.


Honouring the current medical success in the treatment of degenerative diseases and auto-immune reactions by allocating them within the 5th to 9th paradigm could also be a political gesture by Dr. Pall. There are quite a few hints that also these diseases could be better explained and healed in the context of the redox-equilibrium ie. in Dr. Palls No, oh No! paradigm.


Cancer for example is very closely linked to oxidative stress. No matter what cause and type of cancer we look at, the patients always show free radical measurements above 320 (d-ROM-test), which in reverse means that a patient with a value below 320 obviously can’t get cancer. Though the 10th paradigm is not allocated within the scientific consciousness of the scientific community there are hardly no treatments being developed that base on this simple fact. There is one creditable exception developed by the Croatian researcher Zvonimir Rudomino that is recently waiting to be certified in a clinic in the Netherlands. This device utilises slightly pulsed high voltage electrostatic fields with direct body contact to one plate to alter the electrochemical equilibrium in the body. One treatment of 20 minutes reduces free radicals by 15%. Within a few weeks single cancer patients with no further treatment options simply were pushed down way below levels of free radicals that would allow cancer – leading to what the Doctors would call a spontaneous self-healing process.


The link to the redox equilibrium can be made not only with cancer, but also a variety of auto immune diseases can be explained better once the immune system is understood as organised by electrochemical potentials.


The strength oft the immune system is primarily defined by the potential between the cell core and its membrane. This potential can vary between 30 mV (week immune system) and 130 mV (strong immune system). Healthy tissue then is slightly acid on it’s surface, with a potential of -175 mV. The blood should be alkaline with a pH of 7,4.


In this setting the electrochemical processes directing the immune system take place. When the body has to kill an invader or a degenerated cell, it recognises the enemy through the electrochemical potential. Viruses, bacteria and cancer cells are comparable acidic. The immune system kills them via oxidation, with the help of a free radical – the point is that the potentials must be in place, because the transport of the free radical is directed by these potentials. It is pulled to the enemy cell by electrochemical attraction, and the healthy tissue is protected by electrochemical repulsion. If the body itself becomes to acidic the potentials are out of balance and the immune system might attack its own cells. Possibly it comes to degenerative diseases when for example the body tries to buffer acidity by sacrificing bone substance – which you might call Osteoporosis.


How helpful it might be to allocate healing mechanisms directly in the electrochemical environment is showed by the experience made with MMS (NaClO2 stabilised in acid). This formulation was first applied by the amateur researcher Jim Humble in South America and Africa. Disappointed by the des-interest of the pharmaceutical industry he started his career as a medical outlaw healing up to date 75.000 Malaria patients. His so called Miracle Mineral Supplement also showed some effect in killing other parasites like Borrelia, it apparently cures 70% of all cancer types, various bacterial infections, Mycosis as well as viral infections including AIDS – thus, being an amateur researcher without approbation among people applying MMS in self responsibility, there is no professional scientific documentation by Jim Humble and hardly no systematic evaluation of the treatment results yet.


NaClO2 is activated in vinegar or lemon juice. The molecule dissolves to Na+ and ClO2, also releasing little amounts of Cl2, and diluted in water to be drunk, while the molecules are protected by the acidic environment and can be absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth and stomach. The ClO2 has an electrochemical potential of + 900 mV, which means it is a week oxidant. It is attracted by viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells. The molecule dissolves when touching the cells, collects one electron and places the oxygen destroying the cell it approached – in a beautiful analogy to the immune system itself. Healthy tissue is not affected as being stable up to a potential of 1600 mV.


Apart from the dead bodies oft the killed cells there are no decay products. Therefor the treatment causes rather no collateral damage when dosage is chosen correctly. A little care is advisable when it comes to the gut flora that normally is affected by the treatment. It should be rebuilt in between the administrations and definitely after the treatment. Some people advise to take MMS and antioxydants in turns to balance the overall effect on the redox equilibrium.


Since this principle of operation does not comply to any of the established paradigms of medicine it is of no avail to look for MMS in pharmacies.


In many countries like Norway MMS is prohibited in default of certification. However due to the simplicity of the formulation people all over the world prepare MMS as a homespun remedy without commercial interest and also the evaluation and documentation of the medical effects proceeds according to the circumstances.


Countless websites, blogs and forums offer Jim Humbles free ebook about the adventure of the MMS discovery, the formulation and preparation guidelines as well as suggestion how to intake or apply MMS for different purposes. Some illegaly trade it on the net declaring it to be a water disinfectant.


Whoever does not want to take this type of self-responsibility might relay on a similar but certificated product that in spite of rather high prices has evolved to a good selling line in the US: ASEA is salt water that presumably has been altered by an electrochemical process containing different oxidation states of the chlorine. Like activated MMS it smells slightly of chlorine. According to the lable ASEA contains water, salt and redox signalling molecules – without further specification of the chemism. Independent analyses have detected “bleach”. If it is true that the production of ASEA is based on an electrochemical process one would expect statistically 85% of the active molecules similar to MMS and 15% of higher oxidation levels.


Though ASEA is highly diluted it might be considered as harmless to drink, being a bit more convincing in taste then MMS. Adverse effects should be expected in the wallet or purse only. ASEA is freely tradable and shows scientifically well documented many of the healing effects that are rumoured about MMS.


Yet another complex that only can be understood against the background of the redox equilibrium is electrosensitivity and the damage of particularly the genital tract of man and women by high and low frequent electromagnetic fields (EMF).


In the last years studies pile up which describe and prove a link to the redox equilibrium: by altering the point of equilibrium between NO and OHNOO EMF exposure boost the oxidative stress on the cells. Due to the peculiar sensitivity of the genital tract damage is first done to sperms, egg cells and within them especially to the DNA of the Mitochondria, which are inherited via the maternal line only. EMF exposure in the first generation verifiable leads to psychological impairments. Coming to scientific proof in a study covering more the 15.000 individuals: using a digital wireless telephone during pregnancy correlated with hyperactivity and social conduct disorders toward their peergroup in 54% of the cases, if the child used a mobile itself before the age of 7 the number climbs up to 80%. How the effects of EMF exposure will develop for further generations can be only foreshadowed looking at animal experiments conducted. Already in the year 1988 in Hortiatis scientist exposed mice to „normal“ levels of pulsed 9,45 GHz radiation. The fertility continuously declined over the generations ending the experiment in the 5th generation where none oft the study volunteers was still capable to have children.


Whether this leads us to medical solutions or points to different actions to be taken – at least it helps to understand the interrelation of phenomena. A certain protection of your own body, when the abandonment of mobiles and shielding to create a protected environment is impossible, can be achieved by taking care of the redox equilibrium. Apart from specific remedies like MMS there is a long list of preparations that are well known to deliver antioxidants to the body. In means of protecting the coming generation it certainly helps to put more attention to EMF exposure during the “mating season” and pregnancy, which would mean to avoid cities with their unpredictable W-LAN grids and the vicinity of transmission masts. Definitely mobiles in the front pockets of your trousers are completely out of place – down there the position-finding signal is sufficient to cut testosterone by 75% and paralyse 50% of the sperms to prevent a next generation right away. For a sustainable protection of the coming generations this technology actually should be completely abandoned, which can only be achieved by consumption boycott and civil defence against transmission masts.

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